Fated to forever pander to the whims of wanderlust, the Voyager spacecrafts have inexplicably touched the recesses of my psyche. Perhaps I will wax eloquent with my persevering to write about it. Now my pet interest, scouring the internet for corresponding novel data has become a daily ritual and satiates some, my hunger for mental pabulum; unalloyed delight and great relaxation, its primary derivates. Mere months prior, a displeasing sequence of events led to my becoming acquainted with, and subsequently being enamoured of, Voyager, en bloc. A welcome serendipity. The plucky little space probe has imbued within me a spirit of great elation and humility from its humble human conceptualization to its gargantuan feats in the realm of astronomy and astrophysics. A veritable red-letter day, Voyager 1’s recent, intrepid entry into interstellar space is nothing shy of a rebirth of its bequest which has prompted the spectre of intrigue to rear its head, athwart, a rendering of perspective anew.

It is astounding to contemplate that in the abyss of space, Voyager, an earthly peripatetic pennant borne of mankinds’ greatest primal yearnings, is reckoning phantasmagoria that I, we.. only dare ever fathom. I find myself being gently reminded of my authentic self’s proclivities and the invaluable insight it proffers to me in my own quest to myself and I derive an impalpable peace and respite. Voyager’s kismet mirrors mankind’s own fate, a series of unfurling transient events that is coddled in a blanket of mysticism but that which should infinitely be approached with great élan for that is all there ever will be of any of us.

Copyright © 2013 by Suman Alana Birju. All rights reserved. No part of this may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without permission. For information please email: alana_1982@rocketmail.com Donations are welcome.




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