On ‘G-Day’ (or General Day– kudos to kith and kin for the gem of a witticism) or the day that cursory care of my body is succeeded by meticulously preening á la the birdies and kitties, I oft pause to ponder the rich lore vis-à-vis birthmarks. The cutesy Café au lait stain that embellishes my left thigh has always kindled a series of wanton musings since in its most rudimentary capacity there has no yet been an apt explanation proffered by medical professionals for the presence of these so-called anomalies. I dare digress and venture to say that “anomalies” render character whereby we each do our own kind of beautiful. The internet has offered some invaluable and quite colorful insights on birthmarks but the most memorable and thought-provoking proved to be a stroll down memory lane and it was not without a sliver of nostalgia that an abrupt recollection of my maternal grandmother’s implicit belief that my mother’s food cravings perhaps went unfulfilled during my sojourn in her tummy alighted. I contend that there just might be some truth to that. Maybe, it is the peculiar shape of my taint but I could not reasonably fathom anything edible that even remotely resembles it- a crudely handcrafted hash brown? A dollop of mashed potatoes gone awry? It was pretty much like enjoying a banal sun drenched day of cloud watching and your gaze happening upon on a rogue cloud that dared not to conform to a shape o.O The veritable killjoy lol An opting to tweak my perspective some rendered an almost instantaneous recognition of a startling semblance to that little Shangri-La, Tobago.. So, my own take is that a birthmark is a marked mark of an unfulfilled passion for an entity and not necessarily a neglecting to pander to the whims and fancies of the pregnant foodie.. Perhpaps mum’s yearning was a bit of wanderlust that went unsated, suffice it to say I adore my little café au lait and home sweet Tobago too.

Copyright © 2014 by Suman Alana Birju. All rights reserved. No part of this may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without permission. For information please email: alana_1982@rocketmail.com Donations are welcome.


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