The mere thought of a leaden sky dampens most folks’ enthusiasm to start their day; rainy days never encroach on my contentment.. It propitiates my spirit with its dismal allure and is always a welcome respite from the intense heat that pervades the Caribbean’s archipelago. Clad only in a button down shirt, it proved a confounded challenge earlier today, to resist yielding to the temptation of a barefoot stroll along the meandering parterres, abruptly halting to pluck a hibiscus and tuck it into my hair– so pretty, lol Such a lithe entity, the Scotch mist, that precedes the downpour.. I love to turn my face towards the heavens and gently close my eyes as it flutters against my eyelids.. cheeks.. Lips. Its antics can be likened to those of temperamental lovers indulging in a salacious display of foreplay; gaining momentum for that great epoch of release.. The ebb and flow of life intrinsically comes full circle and I am ravished with joy! (Update: Resist temptation, I most certainly did not; I pandered to my fancy and did indeed, take a leisurely stroll in the rain in my button down shirt, barefoot, AND embellished my hair with a lovely bi-colored hibiscus! LOL)
Copyright © 2016 by Suman Alana Birju. All rights reserved. No part of this may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without permission. For information please email: Donations are welcome.

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