Ahh.. the LOA… The catalyst for marked change is where one hones the intricate yearnings that the heart can dare fathom whilst simultaneously mastering its complement & diametric opposite..letting go…& letting God, Universe.. Higher Power intercede, cut through the red tape, if you will.

It requires gargantuan faith to trust implicitly that in the unseen all is conspiring to bring to fruition one’s heart’s innermost desires.. It is the seeming  muddah of all paradoxes & to the already addled mind it begets frustration as one endeavors to figure out the how tos.. it is a seemingly disconcerting task and without unyielding self-discipline mediocrity will persist in our lives as we will inevitably endure in creating by default.

But that’s just it.. it’s not incumbent upon us to figure out said how tos as we (must believe) will be innately coerced into making decisions that will ultimately lead us to shangri-la.. what is required of us however, is a keen comprehension of what it is we hanker after and refining the art of detachment to achieve said desired outcomes.

That’s the tricky part.

Figuring out how to detach from that which  we are dearly partial to and ergo allowing it into our lives.

To truly be detached from the specifics of one’s desires is to manifest benign change that will render constant and the key to achieving this end is to be mindful of exerting control over our mind.

It is ultimately having a mind full of all that is pleasing to us, a mind imbued with the very essence of us and our partialities and not a mind filled with a mosaic of the influence of others’ thoughts, words and deeds. It simply cannot be over-reiterated, the intrinsic worth that is learning to exercise control of our mental faculty.

As human beings, we must remember that we are fallible and for those of us who have endured mental and physical trauma in our lives particularly during our formative years  we must proceed with the utmost of chary as being relieved of being tied to the apron-strings of sorts comes not all at once but more oft than not in dribs and drabs. One must exercise loving kindness towards oneself as one fluctuates between ambling and sprinting from one end of the emotional continuum to the other..from the feigned indifference to the apoplexy, from wistfulness to bitterness.

Quite simply, if a thought does not produce a good feeling, much like a withered leaf, it needs to be nipped off by altering focus on a better feeling thought.

A special note for the brokenhearted who subscribe to the LOA’s philosophy..

Past experience has taught me that being jilted emotionally maims the preponderance of us and if we do not truly endeavor to nurture ourselves with loving kindness, if and when one’s restive heart once again yearns to love and be loved, there is the inevitable revealing of all the faux work behind the meretricious facade.

The foundation of love anew will alas be built upon shifting sands as the once jilted, twice as shy find themselves groping in the dark as they hold onto a mere parody of their former selves and who they ultimately thought they had meticulously and sedulously evolved into. Sadly, our fumbling will also reveal the true character of our significant other. A wise person once said be careful what you wish for. I concur.

Those of us who have endured mental and physical trauma in our lives particularly during our formative years and are still receptive to love are more than likely quick to remedy anomalous behavior. So be patient, be receptive to your inherent wisdom for it is sage and let go of things and people that add to the ebb in your life. Do what & (who lol) makes you happy, tread lightly and  only then will you be truly receptive to the Universe’s abundance.

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Copyright © 2017 by Suman Alana Birju. All rights reserved. No part of this may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without permission. For information please email: alana_1982@rocketmail.com Donations are welcome.



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